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Cibele 奎罗斯 works with food landscapes resilience and has also a research coordinating role in the Wallenberg research exchange programme

The main focus of 奎罗斯’ research is food landscapes, the management of ecosystem services and biodiversity, and their resilience over time.

另外, 奎罗斯 has a research coordination role in a scientific exchange programme between the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Stanford University, funded by the Swedish Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation.

As a postdoctoral researcher, 奎罗斯 worked with the assessment of bundles of ecosystem services using social-ecological indicators for assessing multiple services in the Norrström basin and in Kristianstad Vattenriket in Sweden. 在她的Ph值.D研究, she studied the abandonment of farming practices and how different indicators such as species richness, functional diversity and ecosystem services respond to such abandonment trends in mountain areas in Northwest Portugal. Furthermore, she reviewed and assessed impacts of abandonment on biodiversity in a global context.

奎罗斯 is a member of PECS (Program for Ecosystem Change and the Society) and has also been actively involved in the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, where she co-authored several chapters. She collaborates with the NatCap project group, Stanford University, and the EAT platform. 另外, she is involved in several other international projects.



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