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My Sellberg’s research focus is on transformations to sustainable and resilient food systems, and how to apply resilience thinking in societal and environmental planning, 从地方到区域级别

在她的博士学位, Sellberg used participatory case studies of resilience practice in different contexts; mainly in Stockholm-Malaren地区 in Sweden, 还有澳大利亚. The aim of her 博士学位 was to advance understanding of how to apply resilience thinking and strengthen its potential to contribute to sustainability transformations. Her starting point is a method for resilience assessment, developed by the Resilience Alliance. 在实施弹性的各种工具和指南中, 恢复力评估, is one of few initiatives that is firmly based in social-ecological resilience research. The latest online guide to resilience practice, which Sellberg helped to review, is Wayfinder.

她的博士学位是SEEN的一部分, a project on social-ecological dynamics of ecosystem services in the Norrström basin, i.e. Stockholm-Malaren地区. The SEEN project is connected to other local-regional case studies of social-ecological systems around the world through the Program on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS).

在她目前的工作中, Sellberg is developing a pilot training programme in resilience practice aimed at civil servants from municipalities, 郡议会, 以及瑞典的一些地区. The project will pave the way for utilizing resilience practice approaches and methods within strategic societal planning in Swedish governance organizations.

Sellberg’s research is transdisciplinary in that it engages actors outside of academia. 通过她的案例研究, 塞尔伯格与过渡运动合作, Eskilstuna直辖市, 以及Stockholm-Mälaren地区不同的伟德官方网址演员. The longest collaboration has been with Eskilstuna直辖市, where she was involved in a project to test resilience assessment as a method within strategic municipal planning. The project focused on the resilience of food systems and resulted in the development of a municipal plan on the topic. 从这个项目, she became interested in transformations to resilient and sustainable food systems. 在最近的一个参与式案例研究中, she engaged diverse food actors to develop a positive scenario for food in Stockholm-Malaren地区. The study was part of the ongoing sustainability science project Seeds of a Good Anthropocene.

塞尔伯格拥有哈佛大学可持续发展硕士学位 社会-生态弹性促进可持续发展 在斯德哥尔摩弹性中心开展的项目, 斯德哥尔摩大学, 在隆德大学获得环境科学学士学位. Sellberg also has a background as the chairman of Lund Students for Sustainability (2009–2010) and as an environmental consultant within sustainable business development (2011–2013).


  • 2018年10月博士论文答辩成功
  • Co-authored a report for Eskilstuna直辖市 on the resilience of their food system
  • 2015-2016年担任SRC博士委员会主席



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