A new study shows that 弹性评估可以提供更动态的系统视角, 启动关于全球和不确定威胁的讨论, 并帮助推进他们在可持续发展方面的工作. 在这个视频中, the lead author 我Sellberg explains how this was done in the Swedish municipality Eskilstuna.



首先深入分析实施中的弹性评估. 看到视频


  • 这项研究是在埃斯基尔斯蒂纳市进行的, 2012年被评为“瑞典最环保城市”
  • 尽管用户发现弹性评估既新颖又有用, 他们也努力实现它的几个方面
  • 几个对恢复力评估至关重要的领域

Over the past decade, few concepts have gained as much prominence as resilience. 这种兴趣的增加导致了更多的尝试 在实践中应用弹性. Resilience assessment is frequently recommended as a way of operationalizing resilience and it is now practiced worldwide, 但它能起作用吗?它到底能做什么?

New research from the centre presents the first in-depth evaluation of what the practice of resilience assessment actually accomplished.

这项研究是在 Eskilstuna直辖市, which was 2012年被评为“瑞典最环保城市” and prides itself on being a leader in environmental sustainability. 在这种精神, 两名市政环境战略规划者, 拉尔斯·维克兰德和拉尔斯·埃里克·达林, pursued an interest in exploring how resilience could be applied in the municipality.

特别是, they were concerned that conventional planning was not addressing how global threats, 比如气候变化, 石油峰值, 金融危机会伟德官方网址市政当局.

In 2011, they started collaborating with Centre researchers and Louise Hård af Segerstad from Albaeco to explore whether a resilience assessment could be of use for their planning practice. 该评估是基于弹性联盟自己的评估 弹性评估工作簿, was conducted in 2013 and evaluated as part of an attempt to further improve their planning for long-term sustainable development.

评估有四个重点领域:粮食、水、运输和就业. All were assessed based on their capacity to deal with disturbances such as energy crises, 经济危机, 气候变化以及在地球范围内的挣扎.

The main part of the resilience assessment was conducted during a two-day workshop involving civil servants from the municipality. To evaluate the process 我Sellberg conducted in-depth interviews with participants and conducted a survey pf all participants of the workshop.

The evaluation of this resilience assessment is published in a new article in Ecology & 由中心研究人员组成的社会 我Sellberg, 加里·彼得森 以及前同事凯茜·威尔金森. 它表明,从市政当局的角度来看, 弹性评估可以提供更动态的系统视角, 启动关于全球和不确定威胁的讨论, 并帮助推进他们在可持续发展方面的工作.


However, the assessment lacked guidance on how to identify threshold effects. 例如, it was much easier for the participants to identify thresholds related to water, 例如当湖泊变得富营养化, 与寻找更多社会焦点领域相关的阈值相比, 如就业.

"We urge researchers to continue developing the Resilience Alliance Workbook and engage in local transdisciplinary learning processes. This way we can create useful assessments applicable to a diverse set of audiences and purposes"


所收集的复原力评估 participants from different sectors within the municipality to focus on a shared goal. This laid the base for a better systems understanding than what the participants would otherwise develop in their day-to-day work.

这个研讨会在一定程度上是为了让人们敢于更自由地思考, 削减边际支出, 等. 从更广阔的角度思考, 以及我们必须如何从更广阔的角度采取行动,一位参与者说.

具体地说, the resilience assessment served as a bridge between crisis management and sustainable development. Bringing participants from both areas together was perceived as helpful because it provided help on how to consider both slow and fast changes.

"Current crisis management is often dealing with short-term shocks to the system, 从战略环境和综合规划中分离出来, 哪些关注长期趋势,该研究的主要作者说, 我Sellberg.

Although participants in the workshop found the assessment both new and useful, 他们也努力实现它的几个方面, 比如当地的, 国家和全球应对气候变化的能力是相关的. 进一步, 弹性联盟手册缺乏设计方面的指导, 管理和促进参与性评估过程, 为了促进学习,哪一个是至关重要的, 对话并成功解决复杂问题. 预计会有更多的市政当局考虑进行复原力评估, 有必要对此进行详细说明.

总之, the resilience assessment workbook and resilience assessment processes are useful, but there are a number of areas that are critical for resilience assessment that need better practical tools: operationalizing potential thresholds, 在参与式过程, 分析跨尺度弹性.

"We urge researchers to continue developing the Resilience Alliance Workbook and engage in local transdisciplinary learning processes. This way we can create useful assessments applicable to a diverse set of audiences and purposes,塞尔伯格总结道.

Eskilstuna continues to collaborate with the Centre and has now performed a deeper resilience assessment process, 关注当地食品安全.


主题: 弹性思维
发表: 2015-03-05



Sellberg, M. M., C. 威尔金森和G. D. 彼得森. 2015. Resilience assessment: a useful approach to navigate urban sustainability challenges. 生态和社会
20 (1): 43. (在线)的URL: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol20/iss1/art43/

我Sellberg is a PhD student at the Stockholm Resilience Centre focusing on the translation of resilience into practice, 从区域规划, 敬自下而上的社会运动.

加里·彼得森 is Professor in Environmental Sciences with key focus on resilience in social-ecological systems.