A network analysis 发表在《伟德官方网址》杂志上 这表明发展援助的标准是短期的,通常是一年一次. 此外, many less noble incentives for providing development funding have prevailed throughout history. 照片:阿. Henriksson /氮

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Foreign aid for fisheries is too often short-sighted and used as a geopolitical tool not aligned with the 可持续发展目标


  • A recent study shows that colonialism and donor self-interest still prevail in fisheries-related 官方发展援助 (ODA)
  • 2002年至2016年期间,该研究发现了更多的南南合作伙伴关系, 此外,援助国和受援国之间缺乏长期联系
  • 该研究呼吁做出更多努力,优化对渔业的外国援助, in accordance with commitments made through the Paris Declaration and Accra Agenda for Action, 并使其更好地与可持续发展目标相结合

Foreign aid aimed at supporting sustainable fisheries can make a huge difference for the many developing countries where fisheries constitute an important part of livelihoods and food security.

Development impacts are often particularly noticeable when aid flows are stable and based on long term agreements.

最近的网络分析 发表在《伟德官方网址》杂志上 这表明发展援助的标准是短期的,通常是一年一次.

此外, many less noble incentives for providing development funding have prevailed throughout history.

Colonialism and donor self-interest at national levels as well as in the international arena have been important forces shaping aid flows.


中心研究员罗伯特·布拉西克是这项新研究的研究人员之一. He and his co-authors from Canada used network analytical techniques to examine how 官方发展援助 (ODA) funding for fisheries changed between 2002 and 2016. 这项工作特别强调稳定性, 或者长期关系的形成, 援助国和受援国之间.

The results show that fisheries-related ODA increased from USD 169 million to USD 340 million during the study period. The number of donor countries increased from 29 to 34 and there were 1076 ties reported between donors and recipients. 其中,只有2个.7% were present in all 15 years, with the most ties (more than 30%) occurring in only one year.


The study’s network analysis revealed that Japan has been involved in an exceptional number of long-term ties, 也是整个研究期间所有国家中捐赠与受赠关系最密切的国家.

这在很多方面都是积极的, 研究人员得出结论, and in line with calls for sustained and predictable finance under the “Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness" and "Accra Agenda for Action” as well as other recent attempts by donors to coordinate their efforts.


“基于现有文献的更具批判性的评估, 国际论坛上的投票行为, the prevalence of micro-states and the nature of fishing agreements within the preferred set of recipient countries suggests that these allocations are informed by geopolitical strategy,该研究的作者写道.

They also found that historical colonial linkages were a poor predictor for long-term ties between donors and recipients, 但这是短期关系的一个有力预测因素.


该研究指出,近几十年来,南南伙伴关系变得越来越普遍. 在南太平洋, 例如, 中国已经成为第二大捐助国, 在澳大利亚.

从2000年到2014年,中国大约花费了354美元.其中22%拨给官方发展援助项目. 尽管最近有迹象表明中国政府的透明度有所提高, 关于对外援助的官方声明仍然很少.

Understanding these kind of changes in the funding landscape will be important for both donors and recipients to achieve coordinated efforts with maximum impact, 研究人员得出结论. 这种理解是, 然而, lagging behind in ways that risk hindering the achievement of the global goals of Agenda 2030.

“The analysis suggests that more effort is needed to optimize resource use towards achieving the international development agenda reflected in the 可持续发展目标,”他们写道.

与此同时, science has improved the capacity for assessing vulnerability of fisheries to climate change and other risks. 再加上对与渔业有关的官方发展援助的长期研究得到改善, this could help to identify recipient countries that should be prioritized for future support in line with the SDGs.

总之, Blasiak和他的合著者指出,未来对渔业的官方发展援助可能会, 而且应该, 更好地与科学和新的全球发展议程保持一致, but also that such efforts risk being hindered by the use of foreign aid as a geopolitical tool, 以及一系列潜在的历史因素, 像殖民主义.


该研究使用的数据来自经合组织的债权人报告系统, 目前可获得的关于援助分配的最全面和可靠的全球数据集. 具体地说, the study focused on 官方发展援助 (ODA) funding to fisheries from 2002 to 2016. 数据被整理成一组网络, 每一个代表国家间与渔业有关的官方发展援助转让. Donors and recipient countries were the nodes; and the size of the donor circles represented the number of ties. 分析分三步进行:第一步, 研究了国与国之间的关系在一段时间内的持续时间, including using “Exponential Random Graph Models” to test whether fisheries-related ODA transfers are strongly influenced by historical colonial ties. 第二个, the way in which total value of country-to-country transfers changes according to tie duration was examined. Third, patterns in “changes of the prevalence of network microstructures over time were explored” (e.g. 以了解官方发展援助分配给多个受援者还是少数受援者是网络中最常见的情况).



发表: 2019-11-10


皮特曼J.Wabnitz C.C.C.Blasiak, R. 2019. 对渔业发展资金结构变化的全球评估. 海洋政策,第109卷,2019年11月,103644



Robert Blasiak is a researcher at the Stockholm Resilience Centre focusing on stewardship within the seafood industry and issues surrounding marine genetic resources